About Funeral Motorcycles

Alec Butcher has been riding motorcycles for over forty years, and believes that motorcycling can give a huge amount of pleasure and enjoyment throughout life.

Alec is a qualified Funeral Director with over 25 years of experience within the profession. As a Funeral Director he is known for the highest of standards and impeccable attention to detail, and has been helping families through this most difficult time of their lives with an independent family Funeral Home in East Anglia.

In a bid to bring these two passions together, Alec has commissioned the design of a sidecar hearse, which gives a modern and simple, yet dignified, option for those who wish to arrange a funeral that reflects their loved one’s interest in motorcycles.

At Funeral Motorcycles, we passionately believe that funerals should be very professional yet very personal, and should reflect the life of the deceased. This means that we aim to be of service to those who may never have been on a motorbike, but to whom something a little different may be appropriate, as well as to avid motorcyclists.

We understand that arranging a funeral can be a very difficult time. We will work with the funeral director and the family to ensure that the funeral is a fitting tribute, carried out with dignity and respect in accordance with the wishes of the family.

We are able to supply our motorcycle hearse to any part of the British Isles and will work with any local funeral director. Arrangements are made via your funeral director, but we are more than happy to be contacted by the family at any time.

When riding for a funeral, Alec will dress appropriately for a motorcycle, but will be directed by any preference which the family may have regarding the use of motorcycle leathers or fabric suit.


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